NAME: Paola Rivera

SPORT: Indoor Volleyball

STORY: Paola is an up and coming talent and has been featured in the FIVB U20 Championships where she played for Mexico. She resides in Roswell, NM. where she now plays for Eastern New Mexico University. With assistance from Sandbox Sunset Sports that included coaching, travel and club expenses, this talent is fulfilling her sports dream of playing internationally.

NAME: Jorge Martinez

SPORT: Professional Beach Volleyball

STORY: Growing up in El Paso, Jorge had a long road to become a professional beach volleyball player but with some assistance by Sandbox Sunset Sports he has not only become a pro on the AVP Tour but has ranked in the top 20 for multiple tournaments. The future looks bright for the El Paso native!

NAME: Team Pumas (Ciudad Juarez, MX.)

SPORT: Indoor Volleyball

STORY: This team comprised of 12 and 13 year old girls have an unbelievable upside as they have been traveling to El Paso to compete against local 16, 17 and even 18 year old teams...and winning! With the assistance of Sandbox Sunset Sports they have been given access to high level coaching as well as had team registration fees paid for leagues, tournaments and events. These girls will be the team of the future!

NAME: Joel Martinez

SPORT: Indoor Volleyball

STORY: This El Paso native (and brother of AVP Pro Jorge Martinez) is another rising star in his sport of indoor volleyball. With limited funds and outlets to prepare for the future sport of his choice, Joel was assisted by Sandbox Sunset Sports for travel, coaching and club fees to assist him in the realization of his dream to play collegiate indoor volleyball. Joel currently plays for the Chihuahua University as an outside hitter in ciudad Chihuahua.