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Your Participation Helps Fund Aspiring Youth Sports Players.

(see former athletes below)

Pumas (under-14)

PUMAS (under-14) girls volleyball team needed help.  Talent wasn't a a problem, but funds were. Because of this, Sandbox Sunset Sports stepped in to fund not only coaching fees and camps but was there to provide the fees to play in the El Paso city leagues against girls their own age. Since then, each girl has gone on to play either division II volleyball in the US or at a university in Mexico. These girls are a shinning example of what can be done when adequate resources are given to help nurture the best athlete within each person(s).

Pumas with Maria Stoiber (Owner, Sandbox Sunset Sports)

Jorge Martinez

Local volleyball player turns AVP pro - Jorge Martinez started his career in El Paso, TX. but quickly learned that to be better, he would have to play against better opponents. Because of this, Sandbox Sunset Sports helped pay his way into tournament in Texas, New Mexico and California. Jorge is currently playing on the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) and is ranked 114th in the world.

Jorge Martinez (hitting) playing in a AVP event in Huntington Beach, CA.

Joel Martinez

What do you do when your brother turns pro in outdoor sand volleyball? You play collegiate volleyball and win a national championship... Joel Martinez (brother of Jorge Martinez) took a different route in volleyball and decided to use his talents to play for the Autonomous University of Chihuahua in the city of Chihuahua. There was only one problem - coaching and travel expenses. Because of this Sandbox Sunset Sports made donations to make this rising stars dreams a reality. In 2018, Joel and his team at UACH captured the National Championship crown against all other college teams.

Defensive Specialist Joel Martinez, National Champion.


$45 / $40

The 6th annual El Paso, TX. InSANDity obstacle course event takes place on a scenic, point-to-point course on Saturday 9/14/2019 with heats of competitors starting at 8am and concluding at 12pm.

You can sign up for the COMPETITIVE 8am DOUBLE LOOP Heat which awards the FASTEST MALE & FEMALE competitor $100 or you can sign up for the more casual SINGLE LOOP heats which take place on every time slot after 8:30am.

WARNING: The DOUBLE LOOP is 2x around the course and is for runners who have a high endurance level and want to push themselves for their best time (and maybe win $100 for their efforts).

The SINGLE LOOP is 1x around the course and is for the person who just wants to complete the run with their friends and family while having a good time.

Enjoy live DJ music during and after the event to keep you motivated and indulge in our beer vendor on site. It's going to be a great time!

There is a 650 person limit and prices increase as the date draws closer so register as soon as you're able! 

The Sandbox Sunset Sports, is a local non-profit organization dedicated to help local underprivileged talented athletes.

By participating in our event, you're helping community kids who need help. Thanks for helping out!


  • ALL obstacles will have HARD and EASY options so you can choose the level of difficulty that feels right for you. If you're just not up for an obstacle, just do 10 jumping jacks and keep moving on!
  • Heats will start every 30 MINUTES, and you can chose which time you want to run on registration. Discounts for Active OR Prior Military!
  • You MUST sign the online waiver to complete your registration and be eligible for the obstacle course event.
  • Make sure you show up at least 30 minutes before your heat to register and pick up your back pack and t-shirt. (it's going to get crowded so PLEASE come early).
  • Parking will be availabe a block away from the facility on the corner of LaVon and Gerard. Facility is located at 3631 Gerard (Zaragoza and Montana area)
  • Make sure to wear tennis shoes and sun block and bring a towel to dry off! It's going to get muddy!
  • There will ALSO be a sand volleyball tournament happening at the SAME DAY, LOCATION and TIME as the InSANDity event. If you want to ALSO participate in the SAND VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT then go to to find out more details.
El Paso Beach Volleyball Tournament - CLICK HERE

ADDRESS: 3631 Gerard - El Paso, TX. 79938