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InSANDity 2017: What Went RIGHT & What We LEARNED For Next Time

What a day it was! – Mud, Sweat and Beers (although the beer came late). It was a helluva good time and we did a lot of things right, but what about the things we could have improved on? That’s a constant driving force for us – how we can be better. Here’s some things we…

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Top 5 Ways to crush the insandity obstacle course and make it look easy.png

Top 5 Tips to CRUSH the InSANDity course… and make it look easy

I like to win. I think most people like to win or at least do everything that they can do to be the best version of themselves. With that in mind we created the definitive guide of the Top 5 pieces of advice to get through the InSANDity obstacle course. We put together articles from…

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pic of how to get a discount for a fun thing to do in el paso insandity.png

Give Your Friends a Discount at InSANDity by making a TEAM.

People have been asking me two things lately. The first one is, “Hey Gordo, when does your diet start?” (ANSWER: manana…always manana) and two is, “Hey Gordo, can I get a discount for InSANDity?” (ANSWER: Sure! Just read this post.) So here’s the low down on how to bring your registration fee down at InSANDity.

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Pic of el paso things to do water slide at the insandity obstacle couse

Obstacle Profile #2: The Water Slide

Continuing on with our obstacle profile is the water slide. At first glance this obstacle looks pretty easy, and it is if your goal is to simply finish the course. But if your main objective is to blaze through this course in the lowest possible time (and maybe win some $$), then you CANNOT overlook…

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pic of single Warped Wall is a fun thing to do in el paso.001

Obstacle Profile #1: The Warped Wall

It’s time to kick off our OBSTACLE PROFILE series with a fan favorite – the warped wall! You’ve probably seen this on the very popular shows, “Ninja Warrior” and “Spartan Race”, but the question remains, “How can I conquer this obstacle and make it look easy?”

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Pic of a single looper obstacle course which is something to do in el paso texas

Double Looper vs. Single Looper for the El Paso event InSANDity

The El Paso event we call Insandity is new and improved! But what’s the difference between our SINGLE looper and DOUBLE looper?

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July’s FREE InSANDity El Paso event winner!

We have a winner for this months FREE Registration for the upcoming InSANDity obstacle course El Paso event! ​If you didn’t win, don’t feel to bad – not everyone can win, BUT I’ll still have something for you if you’re not announced  right now. So… Without further hesitation … or drama… or waiting… The winner…

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Pic of el paso events like Insandity challenge young athletes

Save Money with this InSANDity Obstacle Course El Paso Event Discount

Everyone likes fun things to do in El Paso, I mean who doesn’t? But what’s even better is when there is a super exciting event in the El Paso area AND there is a discount so I can get it cheaper (Hey, I’m cheap). Well today is our lucky day my friends! The head of…

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el paso event and things to do on the weekend in the sun city

The El Paso Obstacle Course Weekend Event That’s Changing

So we had an idea – why was the obstacle course that we do here in El Paso as a weekend event NOT getting any bigger. I mean, we think it’s great but we are cursed because we can only see things from our point of view (and that usually isn’t good.) To change that…

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There’s Nothing To Do In El Paso

When people in El Paso say the inevitable phrase, “There’s nothing to do in El Paso!” I always think of the phrase, “Only boring people get bored.” Then I wondered something…

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