Pic of a single looper obstacle course which is something to do in el paso texas

Double Looper vs. Single Looper for the El Paso event InSANDity

The El Paso event we call Insandity is new and improved! But what’s the difference between our SINGLE looper and DOUBLE looper?

I’ll get to that in a minute, but first let me tell you that we aren’t one to bother, but the price goes up soon so if you want to run in this event, signing up sooner is better than later (just savin’)

If you’ve done the event before, we’ve improved it and if you haven’t experienced it, you’re going to have a helluva good time running it with your friends and family. 

There’s nothing better than getting out of the house and doing something active which sets the tone for the whole day. It feels even better when you’re able to do these things with your kids, friends and even with la familia. (well maybe not ALL of the family). 

Remember, this is an obstacle course that EVERYONE can do!

We’ve got 2 levels: 

Single Looper – This level is awesome because you’re not too worried about completing all the obstacles (some are tough!) you just want to FINISH! At this level you will do the course ONE TIME. Hence the name, “SINGLE LOOPER”.

Also, instead of doing every single obstacle you can bypass  any that are a little to much by doing 10 jumping jacks and then running around them. Hey, you just want to make it through and aren’t there to prove anything…you’re just there to have a good time!

Double Looper – OK, this is for the super athlete. Don’t be shy, you know you’re awesome and you just want to test yourself. Chose this level for the opportunity to win $100.00 for the fastest time AND braggin’ rights to your chump friends who thought they could beat your time. 

To be eligible to win the $100.00 fastest time prize you MUST: 
1. Complete ALL obstacles without bypassing them (i.e. doing 10 jumping jacks to get past the obstacles faster.) and 
2. Complete the course TWICE. Hence the name, “DOUBLE LOOPER”. 

Why did we do it this way?

because we asked YOU and people who have been through the course previously to tell us what needs to be done to make it better and the responses overwhelmingly were: 

 – Make the course longer and harder!

 – Make the course shorter and easier!

That was essentially the big 2 and you can review the survey answers by CLICKING HERE

Because there will ALWAYS be people who want different things, we merged everything together and compromised by giving the people who wanted the track shorter and easier ONE level and the super athletes who wanted it harder and longer a SECOND level all while making it an obstacle course EVERYONE can compete in: 

Kids 5 and up!
Fit young adults in their teens and 20s!
Super fit adults 25 and over
Out of shape 40+ year olds like me who just want to get out and run it with the family (they don’t call me el gordo for nothing)

So in summary, here is what’s happening with the SINGLE LOOPER: 

Pic of a single looper obstacle course which is something to do in el paso texas

And here is the requirements for a DOUBLE LOOPER:

Pic of a double looper obstacle course which is something to do in el paso texas

If you're not sure if you have the ability to do the double or even the single looper, then don't worry. You can find out which one you would be your best option by taking our "Single vs. Double Looper" Quiz below==>

Looking forward to seeing you all out there!


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