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Give Your Friends a Discount at InSANDity by making a TEAM.

People have been asking me two things lately. The first one is, “Hey Gordo, when does your diet start?” (ANSWER: manana…always manana) and two is, “Hey Gordo, can I get a discount for InSANDity?” (ANSWER: Sure! Just read this post.) So here’s the low down on how to bring your registration fee down at InSANDity.

First things first – you’re going to need to go to the registration page and pick a time to run in this event. REMEMBER! If you’re in the military or retired then you get an automatic discount, just scroll down and click on the military options. If you’re 15 years old or younger, you get a MASSIVE discount but you MUST run the event with an adult (18 years or older)!

So for this example, I picked the 9:00AM slot and non-military:

pic of the el paso event insandity sign up page.png

Now that we got the hard part out of the way, let's enter in our email address:

el paso insandity sign up email

Gordo-Licious @ Hotmail

OK, here we have the bulk of what we need to fill out before we get to the all important discount (I like discounts). So fill out your basic info and then scroll down.

pic of el paso insandity registration name

Here's where it gets good and is WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS! You've got a question here that asks, "Do You Want To JOIN Or CREATE a Team?" The 3 options are:

No (rookie mistake, don't pick this if you can help it).
Join a team (*MAGIC TIME* - Pick this one to hook up with your peeps AND save $$)
Create a team (*1/2 MAGIC* - Pick this one to start a team and then tell your friends to SIGN UP under the team name you chose AND they'll get $5.00 off!)

pic of team registration for the el paso insandity event

Here's what happens when you choose "Join a team". You'll notice that there are already teams created so if you had a friend who already created the team (lucky you) then choose whichever team name they told you to join and then enjoy your discount. I'll just select my peeps at HOSSBOX - GO TEAM HOSSBOX!

Team HOSSBOX baby!

"But Gordo, what if my friends didn't make a team yet?" Good question, person with lazy friends. This means 2 things - 1} You have friends that need YOU to make things happen. It's OK, my friends count on me to get the ball rolling too.
- 2} It's up to YOU to create and name the team AND let everyone know the team name so they can all get the dicount.
- 3} BONUS! Because you got everyone this awesome discount, it's only fair they buy the first round of beers. I mean c'mon, we're not animals.

In this case, you'd just pick the last option of, "Create a team" like so:


You'll notice that it asks you to NAME the team and give it a DESCRIPTION. My advice is to name the team something that's easy to remember so you can tell your friends and that THEY won't forget. It always annoys me when my team mate will text me and say,

"Bro, what's the team name again?"

To which my response is,

"It's the same name that we've used for the last 5 years, menso!...Cool Arrows!" (yeah, it's not original, but I always laugh when I hear it because I'm a chubby kid in a chubby adult body.)

Lastly, here is our reward...and it only took us 5 seconds to do everything - THE $5.00 DISCOUNT, JUST FOR SIGNING UP AS A TEAM!


And that is how YOU save money and YOUR FRIENDS save money. If you need to sign up just click the BIG ORANGE button below that says, "REGISTER FOR InSANDity" and let's get started! See you at the event! (I'll be the one with the cooler of beers cheering you on).

Also, we have 2 options when you get to the InSANDity on race day. You can run a single loop (EASY LEVEL - Run the course ONE time and you can skip ANY obstacle you want) or you can run the Double Loop (HARD LEVEL - Run the course TWICE and you CAN NOT skip any obstacles if you want to win the $100.00 prize for fastest time).

If you're not sure if you have the ability to do the double or even the single looper, then don't worry. You can find out which one you would be your best option by taking our "Single vs. Double Looper" Quiz below==>

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