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Obstacle Profile #1: The Warped Wall

It’s time to kick off our OBSTACLE PROFILE series with a fan favorite – the warped wall! You’ve probably seen this on the very popular shows, “Ninja Warrior” and “Spartan Race”, but the question remains, “How can I conquer this obstacle and make it look easy?”

Well that requires 1 and MAYBE 2 things to come together – Momentum and/or Teamwork…Let me explain.

The warped wall on Ninja Warrior is about 14 feet high, which is pretty daunting for the regular athlete. In case you haven’t seen one of these monsters, the obstacle looks like this:

pic of woman climbing a warped wall which is a thing to do in el paso now

almost...got it... Nope, I'm too short.

So that's in Ninja Warrior - 14 feet high and kinda tough.

We here at InSANDity want obstacles that pretty much EVERYONE can get through. So in that spirit we have a warped wall, BUT it's lower and has more surface area so you can run up fast by using momentum and then breeze through like one of our super athletes did in this video. Notice how he uses MOMENTUM to run up the wall and then reach for the top portion of the warped wall that has a grip bar to finish off the obstacle like it's no big deal:

Now that's not too bad, but let's break it down...

Notice how he stopped running and just threw his chest and arms up and into the ramp? This isn't a bad choice, but if he just would have kept running, he could have grabbed on to the bar without the rough contact (ladies, this might be a better option for you). Go ahead and watch it again, I'll wait.

Here's a GREAT example of how to beat the warped wall from Ninja Warrior. They even tell you to LEAN BACK! check it out:

Crazy right? run up, don't collapse, lean back and then BOOM! Grab that grip and pull yourself up!

But what about when you DON'T have the upper body strength to pull yourself up (or the speed or the athleticism...you get my drift). In those cases, here is an excellent example of WHY you should run with FRIENDS:

And that's how it's done. You gain a little momentum, attack the ramp and have your friend finish up. Since you'll now be on top you can help your friend get up easier and that is why we run with friends as a team (also because after the event we can hang out and eat food and have a little something to drink).

So to recap, here's what you need to beat the warped wall obstacle:

1. Gain some momentum
2. Attack the wall
3. Try to run UP the ramp not INTO it
4. Grab the top grip of the ramp and pull yourself up OR have your friend(s) ready to give you the boost.

Want to do some exercises to make it look effortless?

Here's what we recommend:

1. Sprints/Running - You can do your running at the local school track or a home/gym treadmill to get that all important momentum. Remember, you'll need short bursts of speed to get up the warped wall and other obstacles which will cover later, but you'll ALSO NEED to build some running endurance (hey, the InSANDity event is a 5k distance so be ready).

A good practice is to sprint for 5 seconds and then jog for 5 minutes. Repeat for 3-5x
(Some call this the 5x5x5 - 5 second sprint, 5 minute run, repeat the cycle 5x).

2. Pull-ups - This is important for finishing the last part of the obstacle. You're going to need a little upper body strength and there is no better exercise than the pull-up. If you've got shoulder problems like me, then here's some alternatives that work out from Colin:

So, if we take this advice and smash it together with the previous, we should now have a recipe for breezing past the warped wall obstacle. Thanks for reading and we'll see you at the next InSANDity event, but get your tickets now because...


Also, we have 2 options when you get to the InSANDity on race day. You can run a single loop (EASY LEVEL - Run the course ONE time and you can skip ANY obstacle you want) or you can run the Double Loop (HARD LEVEL - Run the course TWICE and you CAN NOT skip any obstacles if you want to win the $100.00 prize for fastest time).

If you're not sure if you have the ability to do the double or even the single looper, then don't worry. You can find out which one you would be your best option by taking our "Single vs. Double Looper" Quiz below==>


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