Pic of el paso things to do water slide at the insandity obstacle couse

Obstacle Profile #2: The Water Slide

Continuing on with our obstacle profile is the water slide. At first glance this obstacle looks pretty easy, and it is if your goal is to simply finish the course. But if your main objective is to blaze through this course in the lowest possible time (and maybe win some $$), then you CANNOT overlook this station.

What I’ll do for you here is break this down by if you want to finish (a finisher) or if you want to get through in the least amount of time (a speedster).

Take a look at this video:

So as we can see, this person sits his butt down, slides and then stumbles a little when he hits the water (actually he stumble A LOT).

This is a rookie mistake and one you have to avoid if you want to reduce your overall time for you speedsters. If you’re a finisher then go ahead and trudge through that water! It certainly won’t hurt.

Also, we have 2 options when you get to the InSANDity on race day. You can run a single loop (EASY LEVEL - Run the course ONE time and you can skip ANY obstacle you want) or you can run the Double Loop (HARD LEVEL - Run the course TWICE and you CAN NOT skip any obstacles if you want to win the $100.00 prize for fastest time).

If you're not sure if you have the ability to do the double or even the single looper, then don't worry. You can find out which one you would be your best option by taking our "Single vs. Double Looper" Quiz below==>

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