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Save Money with this InSANDity Obstacle Course El Paso Event Discount

Everyone likes fun things to do in El Paso, I mean who doesn’t? But what’s even better is when there is a super exciting event in the El Paso area AND there is a discount so I can get it cheaper (Hey, I’m cheap). Well today is our lucky day my friends! The head of the InSANDity obstacle course event is giving out discounts for EVERY person that signs. Here’s the Low Down…

When you sign up for the obstacle course on the Registration page, choose the option to sign up as a TEAM as the pic below shows:

pic of signing up for Insandity obstacle course which is a pretty cool event in EL Paso tx

What's great about this option is that when YOU sign up it will give you information to pass along to your friends and team members so you can sign up for the event and you can all compete TOGETHER as well as save you $5.00 (hey, 5 bucks is 5 bucks). Here would be an example:

Pic of the Checkout page for a fun thing to do in el paso called InSANDity

And there you have it, muy facil. So that's a way to save some money for this el paso event that's coming up. I'll see you on the course. I'll be the guy breathing heavy and sweating all over the place (I'm a little out of shape, but who cares!)


P.S. we have 2 options when you get to the InSANDity on race day. You can run a single loop (EASY LEVEL - Run the course ONE time and you can skip ANY obstacle you want) or you can run the Double Loop (HARD LEVEL - Run the course TWICE and you CAN NOT skip any obstacles if you want to win the $100.00 prize for fastest time).

If you're not sure if you have the ability to do the double or even the single looper, then don't worry. You can find out which one you would be your best option by taking our "Single vs. Double Looper" Quiz below==>

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