There’s Nothing To Do In El Paso

When people in El Paso say the inevitable phrase, “There’s nothing to do in El Paso!” I always think of the phrase, “Only boring people get bored.”

Then I wondered something…

Is that phrase really true? I’m sure even the most boring person can stay pretty entertained in Las Vegas. But who knows? The Sandbox Sunset Sports has dual purposes:

1] To set up a charity fund to promote local athletes so they can reach their full potential

2] Raise money for said athletes by putting on Sporting events (thereby producing something to do).

These events range from sand volleyball and sand soccer tournaments to a Ninja Warrior type obstacle course in our InSANDity event we hold once a year.

Ww can’t produce everything to do in the 915 BUT we do our part to keep people active, engaged and most importantly we support the local community by fundraising events and things to do.

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