Forward by Noel Blanco, 2x InSANDity champion.

“How did I prep for InSANDity?”
“How did I improve my time from 32 minutes in 2017 to 26 minutes in 2018 and win for the 2nd year in a row?  This is how:


It all starts here! I portioned my meals to a restricted caloric intake.  My breakfast is either oatmeal, eggs, or protein shake.  For lunch, I only consume a tuna packet with a banana.  For dinner, I vary it but typically enjoy grilled chicken/turkey or salmon with vegtables and pasta.  In between my meals, I snack on apples, bananas, and/or peanuts/almonds mix. Lastly, I do have a cheat meal 3 times a week: burgers, pizza, etc.


In between obstacles, I knew that I had to work on my speed and leg strength.  Therefore, I ran 3-4 times a week and typically every other day with a different plan: interval training speed work, Mckelligon Canyon, or a 4-6 mile light run.


To handle the obstacles with ease, I completed HIIT workouts every other day by performing 6-10 reps per set.


Flexibility and recovery were best accomplished with stretching 5-10 minutes after every workout.  Then, I would practice for 30-40 minutes of yoga a few times a week.
Contact me if you want more information – Instagram – @drnoelblanco.”


SO there you have it folks!


The earth-shattering training secrets from the guy that just blew away everyone the last 2 years straight at the EL Paso InSANDity event.


COULD YOU AND ME do what he did?




WILL WE eat and train like Noel did?


Probably not and here’s why…


Here’s the thing – I eat a healthy diet of burritos, tortas, enchiladas, doughnuts and pan dulce’s. This means I don’t eat like Noel and I certainly don’t train like Noel.
Boom! 8-pack abs!




His diet advice got me thinking. If I know for a fact that I’m NOT going to be strict and keep it at tuna and a banana for lunch (really, Noel?) then I can AT LEAST try to change my habits ONCE a week from the super sized #8 meal I get at Jack in the box and maybe go for a protein shake or cobb salad at Village Inn.


If I do that once a week, then maybe I can do it twice a week…and then 3x a week and so on and so on.


I like the idea of cheat meals (like REALLY like that idea). If I can have a cheat meal now and then I’ll be OK. There’s something to be said about discipline and working for a goal.


Navy Seal Jocko Willink had the perfect title to explain his book and his life philosophy and it’s applicable here – “Discipline equals freedom”.


I know when I do the things that suck (i.e., working out, eating low carb, high protein diet) that I don’t get that initial satisfaction like I do when I sit on the couch, watch netflix and eat chico’s tacos (did I really need to eat that 5th taco?…).


However, when I hit the gym and eat healthy the satisfaction is put off until later. I feel better about what I got done because I didn’t take the easy route, I accomplished a goal AND I simply don’t feel like crap.


It’s like my bag of Doritos chips and my treadmill in the house are constantly fighting for my attention. The bag of Doritos is saying, “C’mon Gordo! You don’t want to get on that treadmill over there! He’s BORING and it’s painful! I’m WAY MORE fun AND I make you feel fantastic! C’mon man-boobs! Crack me open and let’s get this party started!


My treadmill on the other hand is the weak sauce of any salesman. He sits in the corner and says things like, “Hey Gordo…I know it’s a pain to hang out with me but if we start now, we can be done in 20 or 30 minutes later.” “You’re lungs and legs will hurt and you’ll feel super uncomfortable BUT if you give it a couple of months, you might lose some weight.”


If treadmill was a car salesman, he’d be fired. The problem is, they’re both right.


How many times have YOU given in to that extra slice of pizza? That second helping of menudo? That second foot long sandwich at Subway? (OK, that last one is just me.)


That’s just the diet part but believe me when I say, diet is 80% of the game.


Without a better diet, it won’t MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRAIN!


It WON’T MATTER how much you do yoga!


It WON’T MATTER how much you run!


Forget about beating Noel, you can’t even conquer your cravings!


My nickname’s Gordo for a reason and for some of you I’m right there with you. If you have 8 pack abs and like to eat kale all day long then you’re 80% of the way there! Great!! For the rest of us, we need to work on the part that truly holds us back – food.  The great thing is that we can work on the food part AND start training a little more making it a 1-2 punch to get in InSANDity shape.


Let’s make a deal…

The next InSANDity event is going to be on April 6, 2019 so let’s take Noels training advice and work on what kind of fuel we put into our body…and along the way have a cheat meal or 5. I plan on coming to InSANDity next time and crushing it. Maybe not Noels time, but my own personal time and that’s what counts.

MY PLAN is to swap out ONE of my high carb meals for a LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN meal PER DAY. That means I might wake up and have eggs and a protein shake instead of doughnuts with hash browns, then a burrito and beans for lunch followed by enchiladas for dinner (or whatever it is). The second thing is to get into the gym. I’ve got a membership at EP Fitness but I don’t use it (am I alone on this one?).

This isn’t hard to start, but it’s hard to maintain and that’s where the discipline comes in. But like Jocko said, “Discipline equals freedom”.

OK everyone, me and the Sandbox Sunset Sports team wish you the best of luck and we’ll see you out at our InSANDity event on April 6, 2019.


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